Jalnyatahi Sukh Ahe...

When I used to see my father who is uneducated and was just a peasant,I used to think that he is a man who did nothing in his life, he never did anything for his wife or for his children apart from providing basic needs of 21th century to survive. He was a child when his aunt took him to her house to help her with housework,and he grew up with providing service to her,and he knew very less about external practical world,he just knew how to protect his beliefs,and he did till now.

I see him taking all care of my grandpa(his aunt's husband) during his old age without any expectation of returns.Once upon a time he used to work in the factory near by in shifts (I never knew about his work profile ;he is now retied)and use to travel 10 mile on bicycle daily. He did well in his life he completed my education till engineering.But I never paid real returns to him neither in the form of love nor in the form of homage.

But when I read this poem again after so many years; during which I suffered from lot of mental panic, suffered love,suffered loneliness...then I understood some part of it.
Poet often write the thing which could inspire or define ideas of diverse minds.

Jalnyatahi Sukh Ahe...

Jalnyatahi Sukh Ahe Jvalantun Fulnyache
Dhalanyatahi Guja Ahe Hit Antim Kalnyache

Stravanyacha Var Bhete Jalnarya Adharala
Hrudayicha Har Bhete Dhalalelya Padarala

Padnarya Gati Labhe Apulyatach Chadhanyachi
Kadhanarya Yuti Labhe Rati Vachun Budanyachi

Jalato Me, Dhalasi Tu Aavhanit Aarnala
Amaracha Alita Sukhi Apulya Pan Charnala.

B.B Borkar