Sweet are the uses of Adversity

“Some times adversity impels a person to greater heights and some times it provides opportunity for that person to be blessing in the lives of others”
-Norman H. Hill

The above statements signifies the truism that adversity is high way to the wonderful
destination of success. Adversities are inevitable in the journey of life and they bring many good things along with the hardships. A setback in the life can act as driving force and also teach us humility. In the grief one will find courage and faith to overcome the adversity. New adversities develop new potentials. To a winner the tougher the competition, the adverse the circumstances, the greater the incentive, the stronger the motivation, the better the performance, and sweeter the victory will be for him.

Nobody should ever be afraid of adversities and risks. Adversity helps us to break the chain of failures and put ourselves on the path of success. Everyone should remember that only those ships which go into the open water and face the storms will be able to reach their destination and ships that remain anchored in the harbour will rust and never be able to do what they were build for. Though there are no ideal circumstances to reach any destination, we can neither drift nor lie anchored. One needs to sometimes sail with the wind and sometimes against it, but it is imperative that one must sail.

One should make it a habit to learn from adversity. Only then it will be possible to turn the stumbling block into a stepping stones towards success. Every one should remember that everything we enjoy is upshot of some hardship and hence, people should learn to become victors and not victims or else fear and doubts will vitiate the mind. There are some people who simply accept whatever fate brings to them. They stop making efforts if they meet with the failures. They don’t realize that success can not be achieved without facing the harsh adversities, nor do they understand that success does not mean the absence of failures; rather it means attainments of ultimate objectives while facing the difficulties. It simply means winning the war not every battle. So people who have survived adversities, are more secure than those who have never faced them. We all have problems and sometimes feels dispirited. Everyone faces disappointments and adversities but winners don’t get disheartened as they are in the habit of practicing perseverance and are resilient enough to beat all the evils in the way to the success. They realize that everything is difficult before it becomes easy. We can not run away from our problems; only losers quit and give up.

Adversity is roadway to success. If we study history, we will find that stories of success are also the stories of great failure. But people do not see the failures. Would you call the former US president Abraham Lincoln, who had to overcome the string of failures before testing electoral success, a failure? He could have quit, hung his head in shame and gone back to his law practice. But to Lincoln defeat was a detour and no a dead end. His adversities eventually brought his a huge success. He had a firm belief in the fact that the thrones of adversities and misfortune will turn in to the flower of success on one day. The great people succeeded inspite of problem they faced. All success stories of great mean are stories of great adversities. The difference is every time the failed they bounced back. This is called failing forward, rather than backward.

The sweetest use of adversity is that it reveals a persons character. Under adverse circumstances some people break records and others break down. It is a mark of character how well a person behaves when things are not going well. When things are going well for us, it is easy to be logical, kind and gracious. But when things are not going well and we are under a lot of pressure, some of us can not think clearly and snap at people around them while other remain clear headed and continue treat other with respect.
Adversity will also teach the lesson of humility. In the way of great triumphant movement of stunning success, there come a lot of adversities, pain, suffering and pain or costly difficulties. A person may experience setbacks, delays and frustrations. It will assure that the person will be truly humble when the crown is ultimately placed upon his head. Adversity is all about solving problems and resolving difficulties; to achieve the pinnacle of property one has to go through lot many adversities. Prosperity is a process that must never stop. So when you have resolved one difficulty, the success will hatch a batch of new ones. So real prosperity will finally be measured by how charming, graceful, polite and positive one has become by way of facing immense adversities.
Everybody is firmly believe that without adversity there is no success. Nature gives birds their food but dose not put it in their nests. They have to face obstacles to have it. Nothing comes easily even after small accomplishments. Some times there are great hardships. One should always remember that adversities and obstacles will not be of the same size tomorrow that they are today. What is a good about a mountain? It can not get any bigger, but you can! All you have to is to retreat, regroup, reorganize and restructure for another assault on that steep, slippery peak.

May be sometimes in the face of adversity you are severely depressed and have lost all hope-you have tried and harder only to fail again. Your life seems finished and your dreams washed away. Your future looms before you as brutal enemy rather than a potential friend, but fact is that this is the beginning of your delightful journey to success.
Every end is new beginning what may feel like an end may be just the darkness before the dawning of a new dream, a new challenge, a new opportunity, a new tomorrow. All you have to do is to realize that you have within you the power to turn the terminations in to transitions and you can also turn the dark and dull night of adversity into the bright and colorful day of prosperity.

Now the question arises: though adversity brings a lot of good and sweet things to us, how can we survive it and ensure win over it? Overcoming adversity is simple. Survive adversity by playing to your strengths. To beat adversities, grow stronger, more vital and in the end you will surely savour and take pleasure in the sweetness that life offers. Sometimes despite of staggering efforts you still don’t succeed, you are trampled, distorted and left feeling like a little spot in the glittering moon. To win in life and ensure triumph over adversities, problems have to be faced, fought, and conquered. There is no other way and option. Either you beat it or it beats you.

Thus it can be safely concluded that everyone should feel grateful to all desolation and bouts of sickness and everything that is imperfect because this type of misfortune if taken positively can provide immense courage to fight against all odds which will ultimately open up a thousand doors to success and victory. Nobody should despise a little burden of adversities and hardships; rather, he should aspire for broader and stronger shoulders and daring heart that can overcome all the adversities. To ensure win over adversity one should be able enough to turn the setbacks in the successes. If you are moving on journey without obstacles then that journey lead you nowhere; so always consider pains and adversities as fuels for journey. You can never enjoy good until worse happens. One should realize stars only when it is dark enough. This is the fact that smooth seas can never make skilful sailors. One moment of adversity is like a defeat which is far more triumphant than thousand moments of easy victories as it will teach you the important lesson to deal with miseries of life comfortably and cheerfully. The adversities in the life are intended to make us better nor a bitter: so one should never cry when the sun is gone because the tears would never let him the stars.

-Ms. Ridhima Gupta
First prize winner of CSR Essay writing contest 573.
An MBA hailing from Jalandhar, Panjab.
Winner of various Essay writing contests at National & State level
Currently employed in the capacity Lecturer in management.
CSR November 2008